I have been a student at West Buckland for seven years and I have felt extremely privileged and grateful for my position in such a fantastic network of committed students and teachers alike.

Whilst I have been at West Buckland, I have always felt supported by all of my teachers and the close-knit community of our school has been an ideal environment to grow .Throughout my time at West Buckland I feel that I have become a well-rounded individual by being surrounded by like-minded peers and staff.

There is an undoubtable sense of belonging amongst the plethora of extra-curricular activities the school offers. Personally, I have enjoyed furthering my critical thinking skills and academia through my participation in the phoenix society and model United Nations club. In addition to this, the competitive nature of sporting life at school (especially as a player in the West Buckland  1st XI rugby team) I have learned to not be passive in times of adversity, as well as the importance of team work and self-accountability, which are just a few invaluable lessons I have learnt outside of the classroom.

As a Head of Brereton House, I aim to pass on my enthusiasm for my great house by emphasising the importance of team spirit as well as the key skill of “giving it a go”!