West Buckland is a sporty, outdoorsy place, with acres of playing fields and excellent facilities - Good Schools Guide

Sport at West Buckland

Sport has always played a major part of life at West Buckland and our alumni boasts of a number of international sportsmen and women in a wide variety of disciplines. Our major sports are played by pupils of all ages across the school and participation is compulsory to Year 11, after which many students will chose to carry on with their favourite sport(s).

We also offer a wide range of additional sports and activities, which focus not only on fitness, competition and discipline, but also well-being and mental health.

Sports Scholarships

Sports scholarships are offered to external students entering Year 7, 9 and 12. Internal sports scholarships are invited only through an internal monitoring process by the sports department. Sports scholars will benefit from a very comprehensive, structured and personalised strength and conditioning programme. Sports scholars will also be provided with the support to get onto the correct pathway to achieve their goals after West Buckland. In return we expect full commitment to West Buckland sport and an excellent attitude.  Scroll down for more details. See our Scholarships page for application details.

Useful Information

Sports Scholarships

  • Sports Scholarships leaflet
  • Sports Scholars Criteria

Dance Programme

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My name is Daisy and I captain the 1st netball team. As part of the sports scholar programme, I have a personal, mentored, strength and conditioning session specifically to help me progress with netball. I also attend a sports scholar strength and conditioning session once a week.


I am a track and field athlete and competed in the English Schools Heptathlon last year. The development I have had as a scholar has been amazing, I feel supported and motivated by the sports team, through mentoring, S&C and early morning gym sessions.